Right First Post On My Blog. I Am Up To The Stage Where I Start Laying Track. But I Reached A Little Problem... I Have No Idea How To Work Out Curvature [eg The Radius Of A Curve]. So I Called Upon The Freindly And Ever So Helpful Members Of NZ120.ORG And Got This Reply. I Found This Very Helpful And Thought That Everyone Should Know About It. THIS IS NOT MINE!. All Credit Goes To Russel
Get a length of timber (not too thick) about 700mm long. Place a nail
in one. Hammer through so a couple of mm's of the point stick out. Measure from
the nail, down the length of timber, 600mm. Mark and drill a hole. This can be
done for any radius.

Place this radius stick on your baseboard at the beginning of the track

Step 1. If you have your track centre line, press the nail point into this
line. Swing the stick on the inside of the planned corner, scribing or marking a
curved line approx.90 degrees from centreline.

Step 2. If you know where you want the track curve to finish, move to that
location and repeat. The 2 marked curves need to intercept.

Step 3. At this point place the nail point and scribe or mark your track
centreline from beginning to end around the corner.

Step 4. This give you a conveinent guideline for laying your track.

I've done this on a piece of thin hardboard, then cut it out to give me a
moveable guide. Handy because sometimes the pivot of your curve is off the



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